SSC Newsletter May/ June 2020

There is a lot of Green at Murray State University and everyone is getting in on the action! This month the Murray State Grounds Team gleefully unpacked their 4 electric gators and 2 electric mower s from Mean Green. “SSC made a promise to our Jackie Morgan , SSC Grounds Manager at MSU.

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash

clients to bring green and electric technology to a prominent place in our organization. Every time we unpack another piece of green equipment, I can’t help but smile at the impact we get to make in our community,” said

Grounds Tips for your Home:

It wasn’t just the SSC team that was excited about the new deliveries, MSU President, Dr. Jackson , couldn’t wait to take a mower for a test drive.

If you’ve been out in your yard this past week and notice that some of your roses, fruit trees, or vegetable plants have skeletonized leaves, it’s a good bet you’re about to experience a Japanese beetle outbreak. Although this beetle has wings, he most likely didn’t fly in from across the neighborhood, but rather came out of your lawn. As with any pest you’re looking to control, alway s READ THE LABEL of any pesticide. The label is the law, as we say in the industry. The most common control is “Seven” and can usually be found in all the big box stores (Lowes, Home Depot, and ACE). It is a highly effective control but is very harmful to bees. “Neem Oil” is an organic approach but will lose efficacy the later you go into the outbreak. “Pyrethrins”

like (PyGanic brand name) are also organic and can be very effective. These controls work on the beetles and ants, ticks, other beetles, etc. If you’re looking to control the larva in the soil , do it in the fall and early spring, use Cease or DiPel Pro, brand names for Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT). BT is naturally occurring bacteria that will kill and/or disrupt the life cycles of many soil-born larva and worms. If you have a small number of these beetles, you can remove and dispose of themmanually. You will have to be diligent, but it will work. Hope this helps, enjoy your gardening bounty and efforts. Erik Proksch Regional Grounds Manager

Murray State University President, Dr. Jackson , taking one of the new electric mowers for a spin





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